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Gotcha Covered: Most Popular Window Treatments In 2019

Most Popular Window Treatments in 2019 Gotcha Covered picture

When it comes to punctuating finishing touches, window treatments can make or break a room and can be a considerable investment to last for years. With the trend toward smaller  homes and urban condos, we are all living on top of each other.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to stare at a brick wall or my neighbor!  Enter Top Down, Bottom Up Pleated or Cellular Shades With No Visible Strings. 

This product from Europe is unique in that the strings to operate the blinds are on the sides vs in the middle and once mounted on a window or door disappear, leaving an unobstructed view.  They are sleek requiring only 20 mm of mounting room, non-invasive and the perfect choice for modern homes, homes with tilt and turn windows, older homes with less than 26 mm of mounting room and commercial spaces.

Most people leave them 2/3 open so they see the sky, creating an open airy feeling and providing privacy where needed.  They come in different opacities, gorgeous linen fabrics, patterned fabrics and a variety of current colors.

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BainUltra: 2019 Bathtub Trends

Recognizing that life today in a busy metropolis can take an all-too-real physical and emotional toll, the emerging trends for bathtubs in 2019 include a focus on personal wellness, as well as on engineered solutions to fit the smaller bathrooms common in urban living spaces. 

According to Canadian bathtub specialists, BainUltra®, urban bathers today are looking for a luxurious bathtub that not only fits in the smaller living space of their chic loft or high-rise condo, but will also help them create a ritual that allows them to reflect and temporarily disconnect from a demanding world as part of their wellness-focused lifestyle.

BainUltra Vibe 5828 Freestanding RS

In response to these trends, and to appeal to a new generation of bathers – especially up-and-coming city-dwelling millennials who value the benefits of a nice long soak at the end of a hectic day – BainUltra has developed a contemporary new bathtub for 2019 named the VIBE™.  This luxurious bathtub was inspired by city skylines and architecture, and designed to provide a restful oasis of relaxation.  With a refined sophistication, sleek profile, and ergonomic design, the VIBE was engineered to fit the smaller bathrooms common in urban living spaces without impacting the quality or comfort of the bathing experience.  The clean, modern lines and minimalist style combine with artfully sloped walls to form a tub that looks and feels purely fabulous.  Beyond its good looks, the VIBE also offers indulgent therapies to help bathers recharge tired bodies, restore focus and relieve stress.  Hydro-Thermo Massage® can ease muscle pain and increase circulation, while Illuzio® chromatherapy uses colorful lighting to soothe, energize and balance. 

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