March Colours - Ferns & Flush

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It’s been a long winter and we are more than ready for Spring! Interior designers are loving the vibrant and fun spring colours that are popping up in many home decor ideas. At West of Main, we are forecasting that you will see the colour Greenery in many interior design schemes this Spring and Summer.

The colour Greenery is a revitalising shade symbolic of a new start that has the ability to uplift any interior decor scheme. This tone evokes flourishing foliage and emanates the lush layers found in the great outdoors. Pantone suggests that, “the more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world.” The colour Greenery reminds people of the freshness of that clear greenscape we all seek on those summer afternoons.

Other than Pantone’s colour Greenery, other tones of greens are being skillfully featured this season. You will find hues of greens in furniture accent pieces and in verdant plants intricately tucked away into a beautiful space. As the backdrop to these crisp greens, interior designers are using soft or vibrant pinks. When pinks coexist with green accents in an interior design setting, they add a light and congenial flavour to the atmosphere. Pinks create that element of “fun” in a sea of serious greens. Lastly, add timber tones and earthy embellishments to finalize and soften the look of the decor. See more of these colour combinations in the images below:

March Colours - Classic White Kitchen Design West of Main.png

In this West of Main home decor project, we styled the kitchen with vibrant pinks and greens to provide a pop of colour in an otherwise monochromatic colour scheme. Check out more Interior Design Ideas from our Classic White Kitchen Design.

March Colours - Bathroom Design 2.jpg

The Tarul plant otherwise known as an elephant ear leaf is one of West of Main’s favourite accents to style a photoshoot. Check out more of our Westboro Infill Interior Design project.

Tip: We sourced the plant from a local favourite Bloomfields Flower shop in Ottawa

March Colours - Leos-Oyster-Bar-2.jpg

The wallpaper Stacie Flinner and Leo’s Oyster Bar features pinks and greens, complementing the vibrant tones of San Francisco where the playful Restaurant Design is located.

March Colours - 01-bar-luce-wes-anderson-prada-elenabraghieri.jpg

March Colours - Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 1.39.09 PM.png

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Bar Luce, a restaurant designed in Milan by Wes Anderson features color-blocked Formica tables and quirky wallpaper in a perfectly modish setting. The details from the sugar packets to the pink terrazzo flooring have us drooling over their Restaurant Interior Design via Vogue.

March Colours - SPRING_INTERIOR_DESIGN_COLOURS_-_Plants_on_Pink_grande.jpg

The Plants on Pink Instagram calls a “spade a spade” with the title of their Instagram account. Find beautiful arrangements of plants on pink that will undoubtedly convince you that the colour combination of green and pink are perfect together. We insist you check out Plants on Pink to inspire your next Home Decor project.    

March Colours SPRING INTERIOR DESIGN COLOURS Little Jo Berry s Ottawa grande

Catch this fun wallpaper in the powder room of Ottawa’s own Little Jo Berry’s Interior Design.

Lastly, we always like to give local inspiration a shout out, so if you know of any hidden gems we should be featuring please send us a message via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would love to hear from you! Thank you again for reading!


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