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For those of us in the brick-and-mortar business world, the very idea of using social media as a marketing tool can seem intimidating, time-consuming, or just plain nonsensical, but the numbers tell a different story. According to a report published by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), Canadians spend an average of 36.7 hours per month online, and 59% of us log on to use social media. We’re also there for general surfing (49%), shopping (46%), and product research (43%). Yet despite this strong trend toward online research and purchasing, some Canadian businesses are reluctant to embrace social media—and it’s hurting their bottom line.

This year DDA members toured High Point Market in style. Over the four-and-a-half days, we navigated the massive design show by way of a curated VIP tour. Ottawa chapter president and long-time member Deborah Casey captured these tour highlights:


Sales isn’t rocket science, but it does require a bit of TLC. As sole proprietors, we are so busy focusing on client services that we don’t pay much attention to improving our sales process. We just do it “on the side”. Many small businesses share in this struggle, and also find themselves spinning their wheels trying to turn the leads into engagements.

If you haven’t developed a formal sales process, set aside an hour this week to follow these seven steps. They will help you reduce the time you are having to spend with leads, and get you closing more deals.

DDA_LogoOver the course of our nearly 25 years, we’ve grown in membership and expanded our programming and benefits. We’ve come to represent much more of the design industry than we did in our early days. Today, we’re an association of suppliers, students, educators, decorators and designers working together to advance the industry and ourselves.

Award-winning family room interior designs


Whether you are a homeowner dreaming of updating your home, or a professional designer seeking inspiration for your next project, these award winning projects from the across Canada are a must see. The nine interior makeovers are standouts for creativity, thoughtfulness and design skill. They also show you what can be done with a small, medium and large budget.